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Poetic Musings After Reading 1 Corinthians 13:8 (Poem)

On our one great hilltopEasy viewing for us allA graying marble structure restsIts brittle bones still tall One side slightly sagged,An arm heavy on its kneeIts breathing slowed and shallowLike a dying man’s would be Its halls are filled with knowingsOutdated, stale truthsScientific contributions andAcademic views Each one right until revokedEach one bested in the […]

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Time Grows (Poem)

Starting out with an oldie – this is a poem I wrote a few months ago: Time growsSo numbingly slowLike the child you rearEach day like the lastRetakes of tantrums and patterns rehashedDull exhaustion so vastPlodding through past But change it doesGlacially, quietlyIn sunsets and choicesIn doses of doneIn bits of ground wonIn moments of […]

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