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Truth Fractured (Poem)

Truth fractured on that daySo long ago when good was rentWhen eyes were openedThe first brokennessTo beset our world, followed by more Truth splintered into shardsScattered like glass across a floorLodging itself into crooked ideasBent by the disturbanceShrapnel sharp and radiant There’s so much truth out thereAnd it’s all broken; incompleteReflected in a thousand attemptsTo […]

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Poem-ing from Sunday (Poem)

(Written Sunday morning while sitting at a secluded picnic bench overlooking Lake Arrowhead, CA) Thinking thereSails tense with noveltySunday morning cherries Language floats byPainted in word picturesCinnamon twice this morning Joy in invitationGod’s hand in friends and pancakesStop thinking of life in trains and destinationsMaybe life only blooms one day at a time -LS

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