Summer 2021: Time Out Yonder

I’m standing at a charging table in Seattle’s international airport, SEATAC. I will board a flight bound for Chicago in less than an hour. But considering I’m hanging out in an airport (where I do some of my best writing) and had a few minutes, I thought I’d post a quick update.

I have been supremely blessed to get to spend a couple more weeks than I had originally anticipated out here in the West. I was invited by my good friend R (who invited me out to San Diego) to stay a bit longer than I originally planned in southern California, which made additional adventures possible. Then a close friend in Seattle kindly invited me to come spend some time with her and her family in Washington. For the past week I’ve gotten to do life with some of my very dear people, their newly acquired puppy, and the rest of their furry family. PNW weather pulled out all the stops, making it feel more like California on some days than California did. When we weren’t having work parties at home, we adventured here and there, splurged on a beautiful birthday ocean-view dinner on Sunday, and spent time soaking in the valuable treats that are the sun and a view of Mt. Rainier.

Now I fly back to the Midwest and am looking forward to seeing my family. Since finishing coaching at Greenville, I’ve been applying to coaching positions here in the States and weighing my options/preferences/pipe dreams for where I end up next. Returning to the UK is still a possibility, but doesn’t necessarily make a lot of sense unless circumstances change. I’m still working on my company but would like to secure a job (preferably in coaching) for the fall, which would also give me a place to land. Right now I have way more questions and floating options than answers. Not much to report as of yet.

It’s been a pretty rough season as of late. Looking forward to direction and a place to settle in. Not sure when that will be possible. Here’s to solving the next mystery.

Until next,


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