Summer 2018: The Moment Before Freefall (The Epic Continues)

This won’t be a long update because I still don’t have an answer yet. But I wanted to share the landscape with you (all three readers out there — love you guys ?) so that you can experience this with me and we can laugh about it someday.

Have any of you skydived? Or the feeling at the top of a roller coaster is close too. Can you conjure that moment when you’re looking out the plane door or at the very top of the first big incline and and the train is slowing, you feel your heartbeat in your ears, things get quiet and focused and clear and not clear at all? That moment right before the world comes alive again and there’s wind and deafening noise and you’re stepping out of the plane or you’re feeling the car below you start to tip downward and then, very suddenly, you’re moving faster than you ever have in your life? It’s frightening and exhilarating all at once.

That was quite dramatic. Thanks for taking part with me in that little imagination session. Here’s the context. I’ve arrived at a point just before everything I’ve been waiting on or wondering about for the entire summer will be decided and made clear. There are now not one, not two, but three doors cracked open that have fixed themselves onto a very proximate plane and I will only be able to continue on my current, normal trek through time and space for perhaps another week or less before having to direct my course through one of them.

Door one: Grad work and coaching involvement at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. This saga has been detailed in previous posts and it has been now almost eight months in gestation.

Door two: Grad work and coaching involvement at Virginia Commonwealth University in Virginia. This option has also been explained in recent posts.

Door three: Serving as Residence Director at Lithuania Christian College in (you guessed it) Lithuania. This door has appeared right out of the blue. Call me up sometime and I can tell you the story, but essentially, this door would involve moving to Lithuania within the next three weeks to serve in residence life at a Christian higher-ed institution working with a mostly secular student body. Opportunities might present themselves to help coach their basketball teams.

I’m waiting on final information from Scotland before making a decision, but LCC needs to know my decision by the end of this week. Lots of intertwining factors weigh on the choice — some practical, like finances; some discerning, like trying to ascertain what God is up to. I don’t know if it will be an easy decision once all the data is in. My strongest desire by far is to go to Scotland for numerous reasons. But the past 40 hours have been sprinkled with some good talks with God and I think my heart is in a place that can be content with whichever door He chooses to make clear. I’d love your prayers if you think of it! Here goes nothing.

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