Summer 2018: Music Capital of the World

I write from a cozy kitchen table in an apartment outside Nashville, Tennessee. First off, I have exciting news — God provided a car to borrow through a pair of some of my dearest friends in Chicagoland! They lent me a vehicle that they had been working on selling so that I could leave for Nashville and have a vehicle down here for the summer. It was no small sacrifice on their part, and I’m supremely grateful. God is so good. Thank you, you two. ?


The month of June has been at once restful and transitional. After arriving in Chicagoland on June 1st after the road trip of the century, I spent the next three weeks under my parents’ roof while I figured out the loss-of-car situation. Lots of hanging out with family, spending time with old friends, and working on my various hair-brained projects ensued. In my last post, I included a list of things I hoped to accomplish while I was home. Not all of them got finished — I’m still trying to put together my entrepreneurial fitness project and it’s proving cantankerous — but I was excited to finish the motorcycle to the point of being able to ride it down the street. It will need more attention when next I am home, but it was a fun endeavor and it has gone from being immobile to ridable.


Excited to be back here


A good friend from college was scheduled to get hitched on Saturday, the 23rd of June, in central Illinois. God solved the transportation question in hair-graying (my hair was definitely graying) fashion, finalizing the details of borrowing a car just two days before the wedding to make it possible to travel down for the grand event. I got to see a couple more good friends on the way down and visit Greenville, Illinois (where my alma mater is located) during the course of the weekend. Then on Sunday afternoon, I departed for Nashville.


I’m now in the process of defining life here in the City of Music for the next couple months. I’m excited to reconnect with some old friends here in Nashville, do life with one of my closest friends for the summer, and uncover what God has in store here for me before the next chapter arrives in just a few short weeks.


More news to come soon I’m sure. Though it’s a scary prospect because it’s expensive, the door to Scotland opens ever wider and I think that’s where I’m supposed to be. God will have to help me uncover some significant finances though if that’s truly where He wants me. I’m exploring options and waiting for a final word about funding help from the women’s basketball program. However, conversations have been encouraging over the last few weeks and I continue to get hints that Scotland is the next step. I’d love your prayers for both clarity and provision if you think of it.


Thanks as ever for reading about this crazy adventure! Until next,



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