Settings (Musing)

Sometimes I feel like I live my life in little packages.

It’s amazing how comprehensive different settings can be – how fundamentally one’s day to day changes when one relocates or takes up a role. One week ago, I flew from my familiar homestead in Chicagoland to LA and eventually arrived in Green Valley Lake, California. I shed midwest spring, Central Time, community that consisted largely of my parents and a sibling sighting or two, and predictable rhythms for mountainous California summer, very little discretionary time, and the task of trying to equip a camp kitchen staff for taking on the rigours of feeding up to 450 people three meals a day for the next nine weeks. I’m surrounded by people I didn’t know from Adam a week ago with whom I now share the entirety of daily life, inside jokes, good and frank and long conversations, living space, and lots of hard work. I wake up in a completely new place, do completely different things, spend time with completely different people.

And in one week, I fly back to the midwest and leave this bubble of an existence to don another one.

Life is weird.


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