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Hey everybody.

So since I (1) often have questions and thoughts about life, (2) love feedback from other people more than just about anything in the world, and (3) have the misfortune of being technically proficient enough to create a blog, here I am. I’ve become… a “blogger.”

I may or may not post every day. In fact, don’t get too excited until I have actually posted here a few times in a row. However, if you are curious as to the goings-on inside the brain of Lauren Schwaar, you may be able to glimpse it here. Here I am, live and in my natural habitat, for your personal perusal. Thanks for coming. Feel free to stay a while.


  1. Hey, you. I mean YOU. Leave comments. Don’t give me the whole, “No one else was commenting and it seemed kinda dead… Might be awkward… *Etc.* ” No. Not going to fly. If you have reactions or thoughts about posts, let me know. I’d love to hear from you. You could even say all the rude things you’ve always wanted to say to me if you have those on your chest. By all means. The internet makes all kinds of things a lot easier, huh? But really, I want to hear from you. If you were here, leave a thought of your own!
  2. I have an unfortunate and annoying tendency to incorporate smiley faces in my writing style. If you see me use a smiley face in a post, please punch me next time you see me.

So that’s that. Glad you’re here. Let it begin!



3 thought on “Just Another Blog from Just Another Blogger”

  1. Demyan

    You said to comment so I’m commenting, even though we have not spoken in a couple years and I imagine it would seem strange and awkward for me to comment. You did have plenty of fun and interesting thoughts a few years ago though, so I imagine they’re still there, with plenty of new companions, to populate this blog. I wish you the best of luck in this and all your endeavors (the legal ones anyway).

    1. LSchwaar Post author

      Demyan! Wow, it’s been so long! And you commenting is not awkward at all. Good work. I hope you’re doing well wherever you are! And yes, I’ll try to keep the illegal activity to a minimum just for you.


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