How I have felt lately — lyrics

If you’d like to hear it, ask me sometime when I have a guitar handy and I’ll play this for you. But this is a bit of a summary of how I’ve felt the last few weeks. I imagine that some of you might be able to relate.

Oh Father please
Be near for I am weary
Against this dark I can’t sustain a fight
Oh God this doubt
I fear it may consume me
‘Twill be Your strength
And Yours alone that pulls me out

Take from my hands these deepest of desires
If your plans require me to do without
For Your designs are infinitely higher
Than my meager self could hope to bring about

Oh Father God
My heart is full to bursting
Too much to bear — I cannot lift its weight
My tumbling thoughts
Crash e’r again against me
What hope I hold left raw and bleeding in their wake

For miracles, I’m sore afraid to ask You
For when you choose another way, I’m left dismayed
Paralyzed I’m fixed here like a statue
By this ling’ring angst I’m once again waylaid

Lord God above
This fear is like a cancer
It melts all trace of simple faith within
I humbly ask
That you would give Your answer
And end the guessing game I’m trapped therein


If you have thoughts/feedback, leave a comment and let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts/critiques.


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