Greenville 2020: A Funny Turn of Events

I write from 16A on a Frontier flight from Nashville to Denver this bright December afternoon. I’m on my way (via a long layover to stay with a good friend) back to Chicago at the end of the week – we’re a couple weeks out from Christmas. Heralds forecasting snow storms prophesied from the screens in our hotel lobby this morning. We may have ourselves a white Christmas this year. And I think I know what my next few months will look like; thus it was time to post again.

I’ve spent the last ~8 weeks in Greenville, Illinois as the assistant coach for the women’s basketball program for Greenville University, my alma mater. The original proposition was for the first semester with possible extension through the spring depending on whether our basketball season stayed alive. At this juncture, it looks like our conference will allow basketball to go forward and we hope to start playing games in mid-January. My head coach and I had a short, productive conversation a few days ago confirming both of our interests in me staying at Greenville for the rest of the season. Therefore, pending anything crazy happening (which doesn’t happen much these days), I’m planning to remain with Greenville’s WBB program through the end of our season (probably mid-April/early May).

I’m really thankful for my current chapter and how it looks. I’m living with a good friend. We have plenty of adventures and fun together. I spend the first half of my day working from home on my business, then go to the gym after lunch and spend the latter few hours of my workday at the gym coaching enthusiastic college athletes. It’s an excellent balance and I’m really enjoying getting to split my time between two things about which I’m excited and passionate.

I have no idea what happens after April. I still have a visa to return to the UK and if God keeps that door open and ushers me through, I’ll head back across the pond. I’m not sure what to expect. But I know I’m where I’m supposed to be right now and that’s a great place to be. I’m thankful to be able to invest in the things I’m investing in right now and excited to see what God does next, but only when the time is right.

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