Europe 2020: Back to Belfast and Be-ing over Do-ing


On a bus driving from Newcastle, Northern Ireland back to Belfast after a short day trip. I arrived back in Northern Ireland yesterday after a two-week visit to the United States to do Christmas with family. The trip was restful, invigorating, and encouraging in a lot of ways. After tomorrow, I’ll be back to business as usual and have some decisions to make regarding what life will look like for the coming year. But for now, I’m taking an afternoon to explore and spend some time walking down piers and interesting streets.
Getting to see my fabulous family in Chicago.
Newcastle ornaments the place where roaring coastline and rolling, mist-shrouded mountains must have long ago first engaged each other — and the small sea-side town commemorates the peace that was apparently made between them. The town is magical, and I’ll hopefully return before too long.
Newcastle, Northern Ireland.
An hour ago, I was sitting in a sea-view cafe writing my bucket list. After I scribbled (digitally — verb chosen for literary effect) for a while, I read through the list of cool, fun things to do that I had just written. I realized that I had just caught myself in the act of perpetuating a habit that I’ve been learning over the last year I’d like to change.
Can’t get much better than sea and mountains in one town.
I don’t give nearly enough attention to who I am or am becoming. Almost all my psyche — my worries, plans, hopes, dreams, regrets, aspirations, observations about myself and others, etc. — concentrate on action and “do”-ing. However, it could be argued that being is not only a more important consideration, but will also significantly affect any of my do-ing. The thought invokes a conjuring of the Mary and Martha story and perhaps relevant adages. I think it’s time to write my “being” bucket list. What do I want to be? I’ll post when I finish. I want to see yours if you’re willing to share. Whoever’s in, let’s work on be-ing this year.


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