Europe 2019: God and Haircuts (An Anecdote about How God Provides)


Hello all,


It’s been way too long since I wrote last. Much too long. My apologies as usual.


I’ll write a more comprehensive life update at some point but I have a great story from today I want to share.


This morning, we arrived at the gym for an early practice only to find that we had to cancel due to the gym being set up for something else. A teammate and I went to the fitness center to lift, then I started on a couple of errands I had planned to do this morning. These included a grocery run before going home. As I headed out from the gym I debated whether I’d also stop by one of my favorite co-op food stores that was on the way home — I had a couple items I  needed but I was also sweaty, hungry, and planning to be back right near the store later this the evening for a church group and could have just gone then.


Two context notes before we press on: First, I visited a friend last night and had some great God conversation. One of the outcomes of that hangout was a mutual challenge to ask God for “something new” every day for the next 30 days. No stipulations or clarification — just to ask Him to do new things in our lives. I had asked God about “something new” when I got up this morning as I dragged myself out of bed and to the gym and then thought nothing else of it. Second, I have had it on my mental to-do list to get a hair cut for the last few weeks — I had researched a tiny bit and even posted in an Edinburgh community facebook group asking about recommendations for cheap salons or seeking someone who needed people to practice on, but hadn’t found anywhere or anyone to make it happen.


Back to the story. I decided I’d stop into the co-op after all so I could get all my errands done in one go. As I stood in line about to check out, through the door came two ladies. One immediately addressed the three of us that occupied the small storefront. “Hi everyone, I have a candidate here—“ (my first thought was that she looked extremely young and informal for a politician—) “—who is trying to complete her hairstyling certification this morning, but her model just canceled on her. Is there anyone here — em, would anyone have some time this morning and be willing to let her cut your hair?”


I struggled to keep a huge goofy grin contained into one a normal member of society would wear.


Twenty minutes later, I, dressed in loosely laced Nike trainers, long black socks, baggy athletic shorts, and a nondescript flannel pullover, sweat thankfully dried but still very much present, sat in a posh salon chair — my gym bag, along with a large bag of dried lentils and an industrial-sized peanut butter tub I had just purchased at the co-op, resting loyally near me on the stylish black counter. Subdued dance beats played tastefully through the sound system. I was offered a coffee or tea. I chatted gayly with the teeny bopper who was being certified to do this for a living and with the professionally youthful and immaculately accessorized assessor who had solicited my participation a few minutes prior. And grinned internally to myself at the absurd adventure of it all through the entire trim.


Stepping out from the salon into blazing sunshine a bit later, tossing newly layered locks in the breeze, I couldn’t help but chuckle at God’s hilarity. Of course that would happen. And the harebrained turn of events provided a genial and poignant reminder — God knows when, what, and how I need. He also occasionally goes above and beyond when it comes to giving gifts — like providing a haircut I had been putting off. God is good. And hilarious.


There you have it, folks: first day of our “Ask God for something new” challenge yields one new haircut. I’m interested to see if He does anything else crazy during this undertaking. If anyone wants to join in, write me (or just do it and be sure to share what God does).


That’s all for now,



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