Europe 2019: First Stop, Munich


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I write from a McDonald’s of all places in a quieter part of Munich. The city, along with much of Europe, is roasting in abnormally high summer temperatures and I made a bit of a poor life decision in ordering a hot coffee. Oh well — always improving. One day I’ll be better at making menu choices.


After a dissertation-heavy sprint these past two weeks in Edinburgh, I enjoyed a day of respite in the company of some family yesterday here in Munich. In just a couple hours, I’ll connect with the News Release Basketball women’s team that just touched down at Munich International and are headed this way. We’ll spend this coming week working here alongside basketball contacts here in Germany, then head for Sweden next Saturday to do it all again at our second location.


So Germany.


Last time I got an update, we’re close to being fully funded but still about $400 short, so if anyone still feels like helping chip away at that amount and supporting the work that News Release Basketball accomplishes, here’s the donation link:




Still no concrete news on next year — the doors appear to be either a State-side head coaching job or staying in the UK to work with a club in Northern Ireland and, potentially, help the NI basketball federation develop a coaches’ training program. September is coming fast and once those decisions start becoming clear, it’ll probably be another whirlwind. But I’m content right now finishing up my dissertation and getting to do basketball with an awesome team for the next three weeks. Here we go!


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