Europe 2019: End of a Semester

I write from the back-row seat on a plane headed from Edinburgh to London. I’m heading down for the weekend to attend a U.S. Embassy sport Corporate Social Responsibility roundtable event, and also looking forward to connecting with a basketball coach contact to help run a youth practice tomorrow and then a social-tech organization called Code Your Future (check them out — they’re very cool) on Sunday before heading back to Edinburgh on Sunday evening.


Future updates:


Nothing finalized yet. My master’s program will conclude in August upon the completion of my dissertation, and beyond that the future is unclear. However, there are interesting things potentially in the works and as soon as the next steps become more clear, I’ll share the whole story. Chances are, if God has anything to say about it, it’ll be a good one.


Life in general updates:


  1. Because I really should be concentrating my energy on my course and dissertation work, I’ve naturally been spending significant time on a different project called Fathom. Some of you have probably seen me post about it on social media and/or heard me monologue passionately about it in person (thanks for listening). I started working on a fitness tech business idea a year ago while in Omaha and, over time and via countless conversations with a slew of people, the idea has slowly developed. It’s still very much in its infancy stage, but it has been fun to pursue something entrepreneurial – setting a fledgling idea down into the harbor and let the winds of others’ perspectives knock it about for a while to see if it might one day prove seaworthy. I’m looking for one or two others to join the team as cofounders, so if you know of anyone who’s passionate about tech and/or fitness and are looking for a new project, send them my way.

  3. My second and final semester of taught classes/conventional school finished last week as we turned in our last assignment before our dissertations. The end sneaked up on us and passed rather anticlimactically. In theory, I’m now much better equipped to discuss the finer points of sport policy. If anyone wants to give that a go, I’d love to do that with you any time.

  5. Basketball is becoming more officially over as our two beloved campus gyms (referred to as “halls” here), where we had still been meeting to scrimmage 1-2 times a week after season ended, will be occupied by lots of exam-taking students over the next month. However, I think the teams here at the Uni will still manage to scrounge up times and places to play every once in a while.


That about covers the significant spheres of my life at the moment. The pilot is advising us that we’re about to land, so I’ll sign off. More updates to come soon.



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