Angsty Song Lyrics Written to God (Music)

For today’s reading, here are some sad, sad song lyrics that describe how I feel sometimes. All the emotions. (If you want to hear it, just have me play it for you sometime.)

(Verse 1)

This wind will best me
It’s more than I can take
I’ve never felt so afraid

The rain, it blinds me
I pull the oars in vain
The shore is a world away

Then I hear through the fray –


You say wait
Wait here with You
As we’re tossed by the waves
You say listen
Not for answers
But to hear You say my name

(Verse 2)

The roar inside me
Raw and deep and pained
I don’t have the words to say

This will end me
Surely I will break
My soul won’t bear another day

But You say through the fray –



All the things my heart holds dear –
All the things I’m scared to lose
Your hand is bigger than my own
You hold them better than I do

Tempest crashes, sorrow blinds
I cannot see how we’ll get through
My heart and hope resigned
I can only look to You

(End on Chorus)


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