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I entitled this blog “One Story.” “Why was that, Lauren?” You might ask. And since I probably won’t be sitting next to you when you utter those words under your breath, I wrote out the reason here for your convenience (and mine, so I don’t have to sit by you waiting to answer that question when it undoubtedly comes up).

The phrase “One Story” expresses a big part of the lens through which I view myself and my life. I am a child of God and I believe He is in control over this entire world, my life and circumstances included. I’m one of the stories He is writing. Therefore, when I am down and discouraged, “one STORY” reminds me that God is orchestrating this timeline I find myself tethered to. He’s in control and He’s writing this thing. It’s important enough to Him to keep it going — to let me turn another page. And when I’m (heaven forbid) feeling rash, reckless, or in control of my own universe, “ONE story” reminds me that God has a plan not just for me but for all the people around me. I’m not any better than any brother or sister next to me, who has a story that is just as important to God as mine is. Therefore when I feel like judging someone, assuming things about them, or being upset by the things they do or say, I can remember that they, like me, have a story that God cares about more than I will ever be able to know or understand.


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