Zoom Out: Big Content (Musing)

I was thinking this evening about how, on Youtube at this very moment, I could look up instructions and how-to’s on just about every conceivable task. I could find out how to (and have in fact looked at resources for all of these things in the past) re-flower my Christmas cactus, rebuild a Honda motorcycle carburetor, build a barbecue grill out of a fire hydrant, and infinitely more. And I don’t know how far it goes. I’m sure if I looked, probably not even that hard, I could find instructions for building bombs, murdering people, or hacking into secure bank networks.

And tonight, as I mused on all this content out there, it occurred to me to zoom and think about whether there might have been motives and planning behind incentivizing content creation. Who might gain from the fact that incredibly vast swaths of human experience has been documented, in information-rich mediums like video no less? Aliens? The Gestapo? The government? Google? Some well-meaning science organization anticipating an apocalypse?

I have no idea. And I’m not trying to point any malicious fingers. It’s just a curious thought.


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