Year’s End 2022: Nesting for Winter

Hello all,

Since I last wrote, there has been one snafu, one unexpected flight, one long road trip, and one newly occupied room in my recent history. I’ll detail them very briefly and catch you up to speed.

  1. The housing situation I thought I would move into upon arriving in Denver, Colorado at the end of October is no more. Long, unfortunate story that’s not worth stringing out. The practical implications of that turn of events included me not having a place to go when JT and I drove across from Seattle.
  2. Because of this, I flew back to Chicago and was able to spend a quick week with family while making alternative arrangements and finalizing (via correspondence – like the olden Wild West days?) a rooming situation in a different part of Denver with three lovely housemates.
  3. Because I have some of the most generous siblings on earth, R agreed to lend me his car to make my move by land rather than having to fly with just a suitcase. I planned my drive from Chicago to Denver – by way of an event (a conference) which happened to be taking place the same few days I was thinking of driving across. That event was happening in Dallas, TX. You’re right – not exactly on the way. But more than doable and more than worth it. Proximity is relative, right?
  4. After the successful cross-country trek, I moved last week into a pretty room in a pretty house in the southern burbs of Denver. I’m very thankful for a solid set of co-tenants, a warm room, a sunny window, and a big kitchen.

I’ll winter here in Colorado, continuing to work remotely on my company and my freelancing. Come spring, things become a bit more nebulous. This is a place, though, that I could potentially see myself bedding down in for a bit longer than my normal few-month stint. I don’t know that for sure, and other places call my heart. We’ll see what comes around the bend.

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