What’s Right With Religion (Musing)

A book entitled “What’s Wrong with Religion?” (Skye Jethani) sits on the table next to me. It’s a good read so far. Somewhat predictable “moderate deconstructionalist” vibes, but that center on the personhood of Jesus. I can get behind his fresh, if not perhaps (if a fault should be identified) simplistic, caricatures and explanations. If only to spur a theologian’s vexation but to invite the rest of us into constructive thoughtstream, I appreciate that the book exists.

Anyway, it also made me think about the converse question. What’s right with religion?

It makes people think.

It sets a stage for worthwhile conversation.

It certainly has influence; it’s made its mark on human history and anthropological experience, that’s for sure.

Everyone has an opinion about it.

I don’t know. I’m just spitballing here.

If anyone else has anything to add to the list, feel free.


2 thought on “What’s Right With Religion (Musing)”

  1. Chris

    The opportunity for a community to grow closer with a “third thing” as John Green would say, that they all look to. Of course, it too quickly has the ability to snowball into chaos and harm. But the opportunity for beauty in community it what I find very right with religion and church.


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