What is God’s Will?

Sometimes I see it or treat it as

a goal to attain for myself;
a prize;
a holy grail;
a notch in my Bible belt;
an assurance that I’ve succeeded;
a success statistic;
a testimonial;
an accomplishment;
a sign that I was holy enough, attentive enough, zealous enough, useful enough, pious enough, persistent or patient enough.

God’s will is just that — it’s what God wants.

It’s not a coveted slot, a limited spot, or an accelerated track. It’s not the desire of the self-righteous or the self-motivated. It’s not answering the “Real estate agent seeks apprentice — $$ guaranteed” ads I see on the telephone poles. It’s not strategic career planning. It’s not personal development. It’s not hedging my bets. It’s not paying homage.

It’s what God wants. It’s wanting what He wants. It’s taking time to ask Him what He’d like to do today. Did I, in the midst of all my strategizing, my brainstorm sessions and board meetings, my projections and sleek printed pamphlets, ask God what He thought about my ideas? Did I ask Him what He wanted to do today? If He wanted a turn on my swing? What He wanted in His coffee, or where He felt like going to brunch? Did I ask how He was doing, invite His feedback, or have a conversation about something that didn’t pertain directly to me?


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