Void (Musing)

Thinking about void today.

Adj: “Completely empty”; “free from; lacking”; “vacant.”
Noun: “A completely empty space.”

I’m afraid of empty. I’m afraid of being empty; of looking empty; of finding myself in emptiness.

And yet some of the most poignant things include emptiness. The best music and art wield empty space like a secret weapon. Perfection is when nothing remains that could be taken away (Antoine de Saint-Exupery).

The value of substance exists courtesty of the reality of vacancy; of lack; of emptiness.

I’m going to trust that good can happen in the void.


2 thought on “Void (Musing)”

  1. Chris

    “The value of substance exists courtesy of the reality of vacancy; of lack; of emptiness.”

    That’s beautiful.


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