To the Exquisite (Musing)

This morning I’m thinking about beauty in many forms, material and otherwise.

Here’s to the greens of forest glades; the sunlight that peers through leaves; the emerald of untouched grass under its halo. Here’s to chivalry and daring; to revered heroes and stately gentlemen and kings that love their subjects and are well loved in return. Here’s to strong women; female characters that save the day; mothers that give everything for their children; heavy sacrifices that bring about survival and significance. Here’s to those that hear whispers. Here’s to children being tucked in at night. Here’s to children growing into adults, and to adults remembering their childhoods.

Here’s to mystical races and intricate plots and fantasy worlds crafted to draw you in. Here’s to seeing story in your everyday. Here’s to the commonplace made sacred. Here’s to rhythms; here’s to ritual. Here’s to the oppressed creating sanctuaries and language and sacrament under the noses of their oppressors. Here’s to daring escapes; rescue missions; the choice to reach for more. Here’s to the hearts that finally believe they’re worth the unknown and the daring. Here’s to humility in its purest form.

Here’s to iridescence discovered under a leaf on a beetle’s shell. Here’s to the muted greens of Seattle; the explosive vibrancies of Midwest fall; the haunting melodies of a street saxophonist under an overpass. The moment when one decides to share their time with another undeserving of it. The mentor that ushers a rough talent under their wing.

I would rather keep going and think of more beautiful things, but I am going to do something else now. Would love to hear what things come to mind that should be added to this list.


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