Summer 2021: Greenville, East, then West

I write from the passenger seat of a rental car as a good friend and I cruise along a sunny Tennessee highway between Nashville and Memphis. We’re on day two of a quick road trip transporting some stuff of hers from West Virginia to Houston. We’ll spend a day or two there with her sister and brother-in-law before flying to San Diego to spend a few days at her childhood home with her parents. Rumor has it we may head to Mammoth and snowboard for a day or two in there. I plan on learning what I can and concentrating on not injuring myself. I’ll keep you all posted.

My last chapter spent in Greenville, Illinois helping coach my old university basketball team for this past season has come to an official close. Though several possibilities sit on the table and float around in the wings for where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing come summer and fall, no definitive next steps have been established yet. I have a couple good friends between San Diego and LA that I’d love to connect with, which will likely happen the last couple days of April and the first couple days of May. Then I’ll most likely head back to the Midwest to spend at least a little bit of time with family and particularly the siblings of mine that live in Milwaukee. It’s possible I may end up back in the UK for the coming year. It’s also possible one of the college basketball coaching jobs I’m applying to for this coming season will open up. Or something else entirely may happen. Unclear.

I am thankful for this past episode in Greenville. God blessed me with community, incredible people, places to plug in, ways to contribute and lots to learn. It wasn’t a particularly easy season, but God met me and taught me a lot about myself and Himself that I’m still working on understanding better. I got to involve myself in a number of things and enjoy a number of rhythms that I’m going to miss. My mornings usually involved working on the company I’m founding; my afternoons were spent at the gym and at practice or traveling to games. I worked a couple shifts a week at a local coffee shop that had become a huge part of my family and existence by the time I left. I was involved with youth group things through my housemate and good friend Pinky that allowed me to get to know and invest in a group of high schoolers. I spent time with great friends both old and new. I got to hypothesize about life; share struggles and vulnerabilities; walk through hard. I am leaving Greenville a profoundly different person than when I arrived.

And now I’m embarking on a short-term adventure with lots of unknowns pretty close at hand. We’ll see what doors open and how the story continues to unfold.

Until next,


4 thought on “Summer 2021: Greenville, East, then West”

  1. Bill

    Hi Lauren,
    It sounds like the adventure continues. You are definitely following the prevailing counsel that it is easier for God to direct a moving object than one that is stuck in one place.

    Linda and I are fine. I have an issue with spasms and control of my left foot from spine surgery. At this point, it is probably permanent, which means that I can walk, swim, and cycle, but not run. A bummer but not the worse that can plague a 78 year old. Now that we are vaccinated and Covid is on the decline, we hope to travel some in 2021. Because I am a political conservative, the state of the union distresses me. I’m not sure what will happen to our country under Biden and Neo-Marxists, but I don’t think it will good.

    I hope your trip West and the return opens new doors for you, especially in the area of coaching.

    God bless,

    1. LSchwaar Post author

      Coach! Thank you so much for your response and for reading as always. It’s always good to hear from you. I haven’t given up hope on you running again. Would love to come out and see you guys someday soon. We’ll have to do some biking so that you can show me up again.

      I hear you about the state of the country. God’s big- I’m interested to see what He will do.


  2. Steven Bacci

    Hey Lauren, we’ve never met but we’re family. Maybe you could come visit the Pacific Northwest. My Dad Frank Bacci, my sister and I all live way out here. If you feel like staying in Oregon for some time I have a bed available. Uncle Bob and our cousin Teresa lives in California. If you wanna drop a private email that would be terrific. Ask your dad about me, Lord willing he’ll tell you how safe I am.

    Bye foe for now


    1. LSchwaar Post author

      Hi Steve! So good to hear from you as always. Thanks for reading. Definitely, I hope to get to come out there one day.



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