Our “Before We Die” List (Musing)

Sitting at a big kitchen table in San Diego, my good pal RW and I wrote a list tonight of things we’d like to do before we die.

  1. Make a dugout canoe
  2. Convert/outfit a minibus for roadtripping
  3. Build a treehouse
  4. Make a bow from scratch
  5. Make a knife
  6. Visit every state
  7. Go out on a Deadliest Catch fishing trip
  8. Be a deck hand
  9. Cross the Atlantic on a ship of some kind
  10. Cross-country team marathon
  11. Multi-day bike trip
  12. Do the El Camino
  13. PCT or Appalachian Trail
  14. Go to Antarctica
  15. Climb Mount Fuji
  16. Everest Base Camp
  17. Turn an old SUV into a recording booth
  18. Write a book and get it published
  19. Run the marathon that happens in the Grand Canyon
  20. Spend another summer as a ranch hand
  21. Start a restaurant or food truck

-LS and RW

3 thought on “Our “Before We Die” List (Musing)”

  1. LSchwaar Post author


    22. Become proficient in some type of ballroom dance
    23. Learn boat-building


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