My Current Trains of Thought (Musing)

I want to write in the moments when I can see above the trees. It usually turns out more hopeful that way. Those moments are in finite supply these days.

I find myself constantly in self-check in this current life season. Meaning that a large number of my trains of thought either a) only go so far before I have to reassess whether I wanted to venture in that direction in the first place (and how far I need to backtrack in order to reach a path that allows more sustained forward motion), or b) steam along for a while before all the sudden I look out the window and realize that the track I want to be on is over in the distance somewhere. I feel like I experience both phenomena many times a day.

I should start testing to see if, eventually, I either experience fewer occurrences of one or both or the process takes less cumulative time.

Or maybe this is just a season.


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