Beautiful Story (Musing)

I’ve been thinking a lot about my story these days.

What will I pursue? What do I want? What am I made to do? What makes me feel alive? What is my purpose? What am I waiting on/for? What expectations am I carrying that shouldn’t be there?

The responses I hold in my hand include some answers; some failed attempts; some large question marks; some leanings. Some old, some new.
I want my life to be a beautiful story. And it has been made one already – the story arc I see includes a magnificent Omnipotence, a humble Hero, a pursuit, a love extended through all the up’s and down’s I’ve already seen as well as not yet experienced. It is full of tear-jerking moments when my woefully inadequate and evil self is offered incredible grace. I am profoundly humbled just thinking about that truth.

The story thread that continues on from here will, I hope, weave further beauty. Sitting at yet another point at which I have agency and need to make determinations about where I’m headed and how that plays out practically, I’m still trying to sniff out the backdrop of that continued beauty.


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